Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Poem

My Days With Polio
Virginia Ann Miller

I was so little but I still recall
The day I got up and took my first fall.
Tried to stand but only could crawl
Over to mommy. I started to bawl.

"Why can't I walk any more?", I said.
As they picked me up and put me back on the bed.
Scared looks was all I could see.
"I wonder what it is that is wrong with me?"

The next thing I knew, to the doctor I went.
When I woke up, I thought I was in a tent!
But NO! It was no tent I was in.
It was a crib! I was a baby again!

"No! No! Let me out of here!"
"I'm sorry, but you can't yet, my dear."
"For you see, it's a bad thing that has happened to you."
"You may never walk again and this is so new."

"We know nothing about this horrible disease,
And your legs will have to be handled with ease."
"Exercise, exercise, is all we can do.
We really don't know what this will do to you."

"Polio will give you terrible pain.
It's the muscles we have to try and maintain."
So, it is there that I stayed for a year of my life.
Learning to walk was a struggle and strife.

But walk, I did, with the help of supports.
I didn't care if I never played sports.
The crutches were set aside in third grade.
The corset was small, so another was made.

No jumping, no squatting, no playing softball.
But I had no trouble laughing at all.
No high heels, no running either for me.
But I could dance and that made me happy as could be.

Now here I am at the age of fifty.
And life, at this time, isn't too nifty.
I'm back on crutches and it's hard walking.
But thanks to God, I'm still writing and talking!



  1. You have an amazing gift Ginny to share your life, there it is, and allow us to come inside and experience what you have endured. It opens my eyes and my hearts to those who have overcome hardships. Our parents both have Altzheimers and that consumes alot of my time. Blogging allows me to relax and share with others, it's a real blessing!
    joy c.

  2. Thank you Joycee! I sure am glad I got a computer 5 years ago. I didn't know a thing about them. I just ordered it from Dell and followed the directions and I have never had any help from anyone. It sure gives me an outlet to the world now. Sorry to hear about your parents. That has got to be tough, when they forget who people are. And wander off by themselves sometimes. We had a few here at the building that ended up in nursing homes.

  3. How have you been, my dear friend?

    I have often thought of you.

    Stay well and blessed!!

    from One Day at a Time/Reflections

  4. Hello Silver. Thanks for stopping by again.

  5. Cheers for Life !! Great..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

  6. Bless you. You are such a courageous lady. One of my childhood friends had polio. She had one leg shorter than the other and had to wear a built up shoe on one foot. Oh my, but she could run and play with all of us.